Who we are?

Italy really is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the entire world. It still is, after all these years. A lot of people put visiting Italy on their bucket lists, and with good reason.

It is difficult to go wrong with an Italian vacation.

However, a good portion of the travel blogs and traveling material that is written about Italy is a little to vague for the interests of a lot of the people who should want to go to Italy at some point or another. These materials should be written from the perspective of the people who have traveled to Italy as tourists. Ideally, these materials should also include non-American perspectives when it comes to preparing people for the cultural transition that they will experience when they actually go to Italy. We created this website in order to fill that particular gap in terms of information.

This website will include all sorts of information related to the cultural contrast between Italy and many other countries, as well as some travel tips that should work for almost anyone. People will also learn all about the hidden gems that they may find on their Italian vacations.