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Wondering whether someone is pregnant or not can be agonizing, and it was at the last family meeting. My sister-in-law looked the part, but I couldn’t risk saying that. She and my brother didn’t say anything about it until the end of the evening, at which point I had spent most of the evening trying not to stare and trying not to wonder, figuring I’d end up revealing too much accidentally. It turns out that she was, in fact, pregnant, and that I had guessed correctly. I still feel like I came this close to dodging a bullet at close call of having a family porn. During Halloween, a cop looking fake was out doing his rounds when he saw a lady walking on the sidewalk in scanty clothing. He arrested her and charged her for prostitution. The lady refused the charges but he still drove around with her for about […]


Interesting-FactsThe Fascinating Nation of Italy

Italy is a nation with a long and fascinating history.

The fact that it’s a place that has led to a lot of very interesting trivia shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many people travel to Italy in order to learn all about it. It’s a great place for people who are specifically interested in a more intellectual variety of tourism, just as it’s a great place for people who love to sample local cuisines and get a taste of local culture. Italy is a place that just becomes more and more fascinating the more one delves into its history.

Interesting Italian Trivia

  1. The football fans in Italy are referred to as ‘tifosi,’ which literally translates to ‘typhoid carriers.’ The rowdy football fans of Italy seem to actually be just as infamous to themselves as they are to the rest of the world, although some people probably embrace the ‘tifosi’ label.
  2. Out of all Western countries, Italy still has the second lowest birthrate. Given the strong local Catholic influence, this may surprise some people. The development of Catholicism in Italy has always been different from the way in which it manifested in other parts of the world, however.
  3. Italy is the home of Europe’s highest mountain peak, which is Monte Bianco. That literally translates as ‘White Mountain.’ It’s an essential part of the Alps.
  4. Italy has more volcanoes than all other European countries. The Italian peninsula is particularly close to a fault line, which has led to the development of these other geographic features. Italians are more likely than all other Europeans to be affected by earthquakes in one way or another. A shocking three thousand people died in an earthquake in Naples in 1980.
  5. Italy is one of the most cultivated land areas on the planet. As such, it has very little of the plant and animal life that it had historically. The hunting tradition in Italy has caused local animal populations to become even more diminished.
  6. Italy gets as much as sixty-three percent of its income from tourism. The fact that Italy is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world has made all the difference to its people, many of whom make their living as a result of tourism.
  7. Seafood is popular to eat on Christmas Eve in Italy. Italians place a lot of emphasis on Christmas, as well as the days leading up to Christmas.
  8. Italians first became interested in football in the late nineteenth century. Mussolini helped truly popularize football in the 1930’s.
  9. Living with one’s parents well into adulthood is common in Italy, and the children who choose to do so will not suffer any sort of stigma.
  10. Italy is famous for being a world leader in both luxury cars and designer fashion.

What the Trivia Says About Italy

It is always important to put even the most interesting facts into context. There is always a great deal of theory behind each and every one of these facts, which illustrate the story but which do not tell the story. However, these sorts of factoids are still important parts of the picture.

Italy is a country that is deeply passionate about its wine, and it shows: approximately one-third of the world’s wine comes from Italy, making it the globe’s largest producer by volume. Italian wine is known and respected around the world, and it’s famed vineyards are visited by millions of tourists each year. If you’re planning to head to Italy and want to sip wine from some of its top producers, here are seven vineyards and wineries you should visit. Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole The Ceretto family has been making wine for several generations, and their vast estate itself is worth a tour. After taking in the beautiful Piedmont countryside and the beautiful art in the family’s collection, visitors to Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole can sample some of their truly fine wines. Stand-outs include their Barbaresco and Nebbiolo d’Alba. The Ceretto wineries offer many tour packages, including some which pair wine and local […]

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Understanding Cultures in General Generalizing about cultures is difficult. There are exceptions to all rules, and societies are always going to contain a wide range of different personality types. However, it does not logically follow that all cultures are therefore the same. If I’d known any of the following things about Italy before I visited, my vacation would have gone a lot more smoothly. These tips are going to be even more important for the people who are going to work or study abroad there. Tips for People Visiting Italy Paying in cash is much more common than paying using credit or debit cards. I never pay anything in cash in America. I carry cards with me everywhere. I got plenty of funny looks when I tried this in Italy, and I was outright mocked in plenty of cases. The Italian people around me would pay for five-course meals with […]

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